Technical Skills and Competencies (TSC) in Skills Framework for Environmental Services

As an accredited training provider under the Singapore WSQ Environment Cleaning framework, we offer funded courses which can be contextualized to your needs


Understanding the level of English proficiency and background of those in the cleaning industry, our trainers are able to bring learning to your cleaning staff using a variety of languages and dialects.


In addition, your cleaning staff will gain practical skills and knowledge through different training methods such as demonstration and hands-on practice.


The practical nature of these methods will allow them to apply what they have learned to the work they do back at their workplace.

Track Record

Through the years, we had the privilege of serving clients whose cleaning businesses cater to different cleaning needs in the market.
As a result, our trainers have tremendous experience in conducting WSQ Environmental Cleaning courses for cleaning staff from locations such as:

  • Primary Schools

  • Secondary Schools & Junior Colleges

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Town Councils

  • Food Centres

  • Transportation